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Jeep Revival: What Might’ve Been

I passed this Jeep parked up at one of our regular dog walking spots and had to stop to take a photograph. Standing there I felt like I was looking at what might have been, had the XJ not been quite so rotten in the end…

Jeep Revival: Sold

The Jeep was trailered away today to become a donor vehicle and with that the final chapter of the Jeep Revival closes. The new owner already has two Cherokees, both of which will benefit from the decent bits of T708 JKU.

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Jeep Revival: Failure

I’ve never had the results of an MOT test handed to me on two sheets of A4 paper – until today. With a total of 13 failure points and 23 advisories it’s pretty obvious the Jeep Revival train terminates here.

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Jeep Revival: Odds and Ends

Before heading off for The Big Test the Jeep needed a final bit of tidying up – important stuff like sticking a fake bonnet vent back on, removing a bale’s worth of hay from the boot and cleaning the leather up to a beautiful lived-in sheen. Oh, and making a battery strap and doing a bit of undersealing as well.

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