I’ve never had the results of an MOT test handed to me on two sheets of A4 paper – until today. With a total of 13 failure points and 23 advisories it’s pretty obvious the Jeep Revival train terminates here.

Despite all the hard work to clear the faults of the last MOT, and with eyes peeled for other problems along the way, ultimately the latest test found too much rust in too many important places to make a pass even a remote possibility. A result like this was always part of the risk of trying to get the Jeep back on the road – that doesn’t make it any less disappointing.

I don’t know what the final fate of the Jeep will be but, having seen the various failure points in a post-test tour, it certainly won’t be me who gets the Cherokee back on the road – if it can be done at all.

£813.73 for 16 miles travelled… I do hope that’s my expense-per-mile nadir.