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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Another Japanese import, another set of corroded diamond cut wheels! Although the All-the-Rs wheels weren’t nearly as battered as the JDMny’s the suspension drop seemed to draw attention to their slightly dilapidated state and it wasn’t long before I once again called in at Top Marques.
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Turbocharger Replacement

We’ve been here before with the JDMny, but this time it wasn’t the lack of boost that was the tell tale sign so much as the screeching metal-on-metal sound coming from under the Wagon’s bonnet…
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Front Speaker Replacement

Whilst the Wagon’s natty roof-mounted rear speaker setup held it’s own during some post-installation testing of the double DIN stereo there were some very odd noises emanating from the speakers in the front…
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RS★R Lowering Springs Installation

Not only does the Wagon All-the-Rs look utterly Japanese but with its factory-fitted body kit and cold blue HIDs, it even looks a little bit modified. And a modified Japanese car never runs at a standard ride height…
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Coil Pack Replacement

Today I learnt that the JDMny can do a pretty good Subaru impression when running on 2 cylinders, and that you can only drive so far on these 2 cylinders before the unburnt fuel from the 3rd starts roasting the catalytic converter…
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