Dolphin Grey, Matador Red interior (2500 engine)

6/11/2006 – 20/10/2007
11 months, 15 days

Purchased for: £800

When my Triumph Spitfire’s bodywork began to return back to the earth in a sudden and rather major fashion I had to find something a little more solid to transport me around. At just the right moment the Club Triumph grapevine served up this beautiful 2000 estate in all its time-capsule glory and before long I was wafting my way back from Oxfordshire in mid-1960s comfort.

Like my Spitfire the 2000’s engine had also been replaced with a later, larger version, making this a 2.5 litre straight six instead of the usual 2 litre (though it was still wheezing through the latter’s tiny Strombergs, something I quickly rectified after purchase!). Other than that the car was beautifully period-correct, right down to the rare factory-fit rear-window demister.

It was a fantastic car but realistically needed more fettling than I could manage in order for it to really shine; an upcoming change of job would also bring about a longer commute which made me anxious about mileage and reliability. I do wish I’d had the time and money to have popped it on TR6 steel wheels though – it would’ve looked divine.