Graphite Grey

24/08/2007 – 21/06/2008
9 months, 29 days

Purchased for: £1350

In the early 90s my aunty bought a Graphite Grey Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9, a car that was so utterly cool it would embed itself into my childhood conciousness forever. She wouldn’t actually own the car for too long as, being the early 90s, it was summararily stolen, joyridden, and crashed so hard into a tree that it basically folded in half, but it had made such a big impression on her young nephew that he would one day own its doppelgänger.

Being an almost perfect replica of that long-lost car – same 1.9 litre engine, same colour, same wheels, and an almost identical red and black interior – there was nothing to do other than drive and enjoy it, a task I thought would be easy thanks to my new job’s snaking B-road commute. Unfortunately that drive would turn out to be littered with with other, more doddering, road users and the journeys where I was able to fully stretch the Peugeot’s legs were few and far between. After nine frustrating months of being almost constantly held up whenever I was behind the wheel I reluctantly threw in the towel and swapped my beloved GTI for something a little less frenetic.