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Ventilation Mode Cable Replacement

Ever since the Carry arrived the ventilation mode had been stuck, thankfully on the screen demist setting. Fixing it had therefore remained a relatively low priority, but a niggle like that will get to you eventually…

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Strut Brace Installation

I know, I know – this is a most unnecessary addition to a one-box city car with bench seating and an automatic transmission. But I like it a lot 😳

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Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

On the Carry’s very first post-crossmember-replacement run I heard the unmistakeable drone of an unhappy wheel bearing. Reluctantly waving goodbye to yet another month of seat time I parked the Carry back up and started building another MegaZip shopping list. It never rains…

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Crossmember Replacement

The Carry may have dominated Cannock Chase in its 4×4 in the Forest foray but I did manage to catch the rear crossmember on a hidden tree stump – the only real scrape of the entire day! Overnight parts from Japan time…

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Rear Fog Light Installation

When I last owned the Wagon All-the-Rs I removed the ugly rear fog light that had been unceremoniously clagged to the bumper and replaced it with an almost-too-stealthy BikeVis-based setup instead. Time to find an unobtrusive middle ground that will please both me and the MOT tester…

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