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Panda 4×4 + Snow

Goodbye, JDMny

New Vehicle: Fiat Panda 4×4

The legacy of the Cappuccino looms large over my vehicular history. It was the perfect introduction to Japanese cars and in particular the wonders of keijidōsha, the two mainstays of my automotive purchases ever since.
But it’s time for a change.

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Double Trouble

Having poked enough rust holes in one vehicle to leave me ashen-faced the other one – the backup, no less – has decided to have a major hiccup too…

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Just Carry It

It’s time to say goodbye to the wonderful little Carry. As I noted when the Wagon All-the-Rs reappeared it’s just not feasible for me to run three cars long term and, truth be told, the super-practical work that’s kept the Carry busy up until now has slowly been petering out…

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