After reading about this popular upgrade on the ClubCappo forum the first major change to the Cappuccino came in the form of the SuzukiSport N1 ECU, which rather excitingly arrived from Japan stickered up as “For competition use only” and “Not for use on the public road”. However, despite the drama of the stickers the N1 doesn’t really turn the Cappuccino into some sort of monster (there’s the terrifyingly expensive N2/F100 kit for that!) but gets rid of a few of the compromises brought about by the Kei-car regulations.

The N1 ECUs headline boast is a 20% increase in power and torque over the standard ECU – mainly from more aggressive ignition timing and fuelling – and while a few independent dyno tests have put a dampener on such claims I straight away noticed a real boost in mid-range torque that’ll make the car a lot more driveable day-to-day. The N1’s new fuelling and ignition maps also mean you can boost safely up to 1.1 bar – a 3psi increase from the 0.9 bar standard, so a boost controller will be on the cards at some point!

It’s a straight swap for the original ECU – just plug and pray play! – which is made even easier by the fact that the Capp’s ECU sits right next to the glovebox compartment.