On Cappuccinos the rear foglight and reversing lights are suspended from the rear bumper mesh – once this starts to deteriorate the lights begin to sag (they’re quite large and heavy items). The real problem comes when, as in my case, removal of the lights to replace the mesh ends in snapped off bolts and a set of now-useless foglight/reversing lights. Inspired by a ClubCappo member’s Land Rover-derived rear lights I decided to see if something like that might fit the bill instead.

After looking a bit more closely at the Land Rover rear lights I felt that, at around 100mm in diameter, they were a bit large to pass as OEM fitment; instead I opted for a pair of 66mm Hella lights from S-V-C. They’re actually part of a “Mix and Match” range of inner lamps and outer ring lights/reflectors but work very well on their own and aren’t too flashy. With some connectors added to the original wiring and the excellent pull-out bulb holders at the rear it’s now very easy to change bulbs, remove the lights or even take the lights and mesh out entirely, and personally I think they’re understated enough to pass as OEM.