I’d got into yellow lighting through the Cappuccino’s main beam HID conversion (all the usual HID bulbs looked too white for a mid-90s car, whereas the 3000Ks looked much more halogen-like) and I’d really missed the yellow beam colour when driving the Lexus. There’s also something rather aesthetically pleasing about yellow headlights on certain cars, and I was sure they’d stand out nicely against the Jimny’s silver & black colour scheme.

I did some research into yellow bulbs available in H4 (as well as matching W5W wedge bulbs for the sidelights) and found that Nokya Hyper Yellow bulbs were quite popular for those wanting to recreate the JDM look over in the States. I managed to source a set of H4s & W5Ws from eBay USA but was pretty disappointed in the results – the headlight output was pretty indistinguishable from standard and the sidelights were verging on amber.

Whilst pondering the purchase of  a set of Luminics bulbs – a UK-based company who’s “JDM Yellow” bulb is also highly regarded in the US – I decided to look into bulb “caps”, which can often be found in the yellowest of JDM lights. Whilst you can pull caps from JDM foglight housings and the like – if you can get hold of them – I picked up a set of H4 caps via eBay Germany which were being advertised for vintage French cars. They’re a simple push-on fit – secured with a couple of blobs of Araldite if yours like to spring off again like mine – and emit a bright yellow beam, richer than I think you’d ever get from a bulb on its own.

Worrying about finding W5Ws that would match I raided the Cappuccino to try out it’s PIAA Plasma Ion wedges and found them to be an almost perfect match. They’re now officially “borrowed” until the Capp is back on the road – only then will I have to cough up £40 for a new pair. Gulp.