Despite plenty of trips up and down the drive the rear brakes were still binding badly – time to tackle that problem and check on the corroded brake lines listed in the MOT advisories at the same time.

It seems almost everything Jeep-related has a tutorial or how-to associated with it and rear drum overhauling is no exception. I used this particular guide but there’s also a great guide on the Cherokee forum which has lots of large photographs – particularly useful when rebuilding the adjuster portion.

I ended up swapping out both rear brake cylinders for new parts, along with new brake shoes and a spring kit to replace the various rusted and disintegrated springs. At the same time I replaced both rear brake lines – one pretty much fell apart as it was cleaned and the other looked like it might follow suit any minute. Besides, having removed the brake cylinders they were halfway to being unattached to the vehicle anyway!

Finally, I decided to clean up and grease the leaf springs – “deteriorated but not seriously weakened” according to the MOT advisory – and also made up some new straps to replace the originals which had all but rotted away.

-£350.00 (Jeep Cherokee XJ)
-£ 65.00 (AM058R battery)
-£ 69.00 (Used OEM alternator)
-£ 46.94 (Autopal headlight x2)
-£ 29.90 (Rear brake cylinder x2)
-£ 22.96 (Brake shoes, full set)
-£  5.00 (Copper brake lines x2)
-£ 13.49 (Rear brake spring kit)
- - -