With the drooping window fixed it was finally time to get round to cleaning up the Neutral Safety Switch. Just how gummed up would it be?

The switch itself is relatively accessible, though there are quite a few pipes and wires around so be prepared to chop and change tools until you find that one socket or spanner that works in the space available. I followed an excellent guide from BC4x4 but there’s a wealth of info floating about on the internet and the whole process is very straightforward anyway.

On opening up the switch the corrosion on the Neutral and Park contacts confirmed the NSS was the source of the problem – the blackened look of the Reverse contact would also explain the lack of reversing lights, another common indicator that the NSS is in need of servicing.

With the NSS back on and adjusted properly the Jeep now starts without issue – and I have reversing lights again! Needless to say, fixing a car that arrived as a “non-starter” for free is pretty darn satisfying 😀