Five years under a giant eucalyptus tree had imbued the Jeep with a lovely weather-beaten look but, having proven itself to be a runner, now seemed the right time to undertake a short course of defoliation.

The baked-on mossy slime blasted off surprisingly easily with a pressure washer but there’s some definite etching in the paint which the usual clay bars and polishes can’t touch. The internet tells me that it’s likely to be from tree sap and that with the generous application of time and skill it could be removed… but this is a £350 Jeep and I actually quite like the reminder of its time under cover anyway. Hooray for patina!

The prettifying even went so far as to include a new (second hand) driver’s wing mirror to replace the one that had been dangling loosely against the door since the Jeep arrived. It’s getting spoilt now…

-£350.00 (Jeep Cherokee XJ)
-£ 65.00 (AM058R battery)
-£ 69.00 (Used OEM alternator)
-£ 24.89 (Used driver's side wing mirror)
- - -