The new Jimny came complete with an emergency flare still tucked away in its holder – very cool, very rare, but not particularly practical. In my Cappuccino someone had made a very neat job of dropping a small LED flashlight into an empty flare case, but that wasn’t enough… there must be a light out there with similar dimensions to an emergency flare, surely?

Fenix, a good quality brand whose lights I’ve purchased in the past, delivered the goods in the shape of the Fenix PD35. The fit is perfect and can be used with a couple of long-dated CR123 batteries for emergencies, though I opted for a decent capacity 18650 rechargeable cell as it’s ended up becoming the primary dog-walking torch – you can’t forget it if it’s clipped to the car!

Fenix PD35 in a JDM emergency flare holder

At 960 lumens the Fenix PD35 might not be as spectacular as a burning flare but on the other hand it’ll be able to produce that light more than once!