The new Jimny came complete with an emergency flare still tucked away in its holder – very cool, very rare, but not particularly practical. In my Cappuccino someone had made a very neat job of dropping a small LED flashlight into an empty flare case, but I figured it was still worth a bit more investigation… there must be a light out there with similar dimensions to an emergency flare, surely?

Fenix, an excellent brand whose lights I’ve purchased in the past, were my first port of call and delivered the goods in the shape of the Fenix PD35. The fit is perfect, and with a couple of long-dated CR123 batteries it makes for an excellent emergency replacement, though I opted for a rechargeable 18650 as it’s ended up becoming the primary dog-walking torch – you can’t forget it if it’s clipped to the car!

Fenix PD35 in a JDM emergency flare holder

So there you have it – the Fenix PD35 is the perfect replacement for your JDM emergency flare. Its 960 lumens might not be quite as spectacular as a burning flare, but it does have the advantage of being able to produce light more than once.