Hyper Rev books – they might look like magazines but their similarities end there – are amazing publications. Each volume is dedicated to a particular vehicle and is brimming with information, including buying and maintenance guides, tuning house articles, exhaustive parts listings and a variety of in-depth reports.

Being a Japanese publication much of this information will unfortunately remain a mystery to you – unless you’re lucky enough to be able to read Japanese – but there are still the pictures to look at, the product listings to flick through and, about 2/3rds of the way through, the “Shop Guide”. Here there’s a comprehensive listing of every tuning house or parts-maker that serves – or at least served at the time of printing – the Cappuccino. I’ve extracted the web addresses from each of the listings with an online presence (most, but not all unfortunately) and popped them into a single list for easy browsing. Google Translate is most definitely your friend here…

A quick note: URLs that look like this are already dead links at the time of this post’s publication. Each of the the Monster Sport listings seems to be for a particular store, but I’ve decided to leave them in for completeness.

Hyper Rev’s “Shop Guide for Cappuccino”