I was so impressed with the GFB Atomic’s transformative performance in the Wagon All-the-Rs that I decided to give the JDMny the few extra PSI the SuzukiSport N1 ECU has been craving all this time…

This isn’t actually the first time I’ve messed around with the JDMny’s boost settings post-N1. Before the new ECU had even landed in the UK I’d purchased and installed a GReddy Profec OLED electronic boost controller which was a beautiful bit of kit but ultimately a bit overkill for my needs.

The same could also be said of the almost-period HKS EVC III I fitted instead – in both cases they felt like they were designed for getting big turbos spooled up quickly and I couldn’t get the smooth delivery I wanted on the JDMny. (Conversely, the EVC-III-derived boost rush was great fun in the Capp!)

I settled on leaving the N1’s boost potential untapped – I’d still benefit from the more aggressive fuelling and timing – but seeing the GFB Atomic’s linear delivery and rock-steady performance on the All-the-Rs made me eager to try it out on the JDMny. The install (engine orientation aside!) was identical to that of the Wagon’s and after a few test runs I settled for full boost at 16.5-17psi (~1.15bar), up 4psi from the stock 13psi (~0.9bar).

The difference is certainly noticeable at full throttle – there’s now a greater ability to power through rather than change down a gear – but also (like the Wagon) at smaller throttle openings too, where I guess the OEM solenoid held some boost back to help with smoothness and fuel economy. It’s taken a while for my right foot to adjust to this but overall I’d say the Atomic is a nice, linear, middle ground between the softness of the OEM setup and the punch of boost from the more aggressive GReddy and HKS controllers.