The Wagon All-the-Rs arrived with a few modifications already in place, a new experience for me (unless you count a couple of engine-swapped Triumphs in my distant past) and one that felt… weird. Time to de-mod!

The main tweaks – from the previous, previous owner – consisted of a centre-console-mounted boost gauge and a HKS Sequential BOV, the latter not working – or at least not sounding – particularly well. Removing both of these mods wasn’t difficult and in doing so I found the BOV had been using the same ABV vacuum line that had given similarly odd results when I installed the Collins Performance BOV on the Cappuccino. It also turned out to be made of plastic, which might account for it sounding like a knock-off even when I test-plumbed it in correctly 😉

The P-PO’s cool white interior LEDs also had to go, swapped out for a set of warm white equivalents – a particularly easy job as the Wagon uses T10 bulbs all round, rather than a tiny festoon as in the front of the JDMny.