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Category: 2003 Suzuki Wagon R RR (page 2 of 5)

Importing a Kei Truck: Backstory

A new vehicle is arriving soon and it’s acquisition is a little different to those that have come before. That’s true of the decision-making process behind the purchase too, meaning there’s even more backstory than usual! Here goes…
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Wagon R RR Fuel Economy

02/11/2016 - 14/09/2017 (317 days)

Average MPG: 38.24
Highest MPG: 43.36
Lowest MPG: 33.65

Distance travelled: 4285 miles
Fuel burnt: 510 litres
Fuel cost: £651.87

GFB Atomic Manual Boost Controller Installation

The actuator on the Wagon’s replacement turbo was definitely softer than the previous one and, whilst the factory boost control solenoid should be able to adjust the response to suit, I decided to see what difference a manual boost controller might make instead. Yep, I can’t help messing…
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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Another Japanese import, another set of corroded diamond cut wheels! Although the All-the-Rs wheels weren’t nearly as battered as the JDMny’s the suspension drop seemed to draw attention to their slightly dilapidated state and it wasn’t long before I once again called in at Top Marques.
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Turbocharger Replacement

We’ve been here before with the JDMny, but this time it wasn’t the lack of boost that was the tell tale sign so much as the screeching metal-on-metal sound coming from under the Wagon’s bonnet…
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