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Rigid Industries Light Bar Installation

The foglights-as-spotlights setup on the Jimny had served me well through the last winter, though the sheer volume of light was somewhat tempered by the relatively long HID warm up times. I’d stumbled across Rigid Industries lights while working on that install and now the Jimny was staying around for another winter it seemed churlish not to review the lighting situation. You know, a few rough measurements of the front bumper… just in case.
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New Vehicle: Smart Roadster-Coupé (Coda)

“I sell the little Suzuki with a genuinely heavy heart”. So heavy, it turned out, that despite a couple of good offers I pulled the Jimny from sale only a few days after it had gone up. With the Roadster purchased for well under my original budget and a gushing blog post which paraded the Jimny as the perfect winter car it made more sense to let the Roadster soak up the summer sun and the Suzuki laugh off the snow drifts. Perfick!