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Cappuccino Rebuild: Subframe Removal

The rear subframe is now off the car and the front subframe has been split from the engine & gearbox – that trio was a bit too weighty as one block! There’s some tidying up to do both on and off the car (two subframes and a large chunk of drivetrain take up a lot of workshop space) and then it’ll be time to turn the car upside down and get a better look at the underside.

Cappuccino Rebuild: Engine Out

The first big chunk of the strip down is complete – the engine, gearbox and front subframe are now out of the car. Pulling everything out in one go was not an easy process but we’re now only a rear subframe away from being able to place it on the rotisserie, flip it over and get a proper look at the severity of the rust. Which is good. But also terrifying.

Cappuccino Rebuild: Hibernation Over

It’s been 5 years, 1 month and 7 days since I parked the Cappuccino up ready for some “overdue work on the sills” and 4 years, 6 months and 7 days since the sills became the least of my worries. Now it’s finally time to strip the car back, assess the damage and, hopefully, bring the Capp back to life. I won’t be replicating the Jeep Revival format (or it’s outcome, fingers crossed) but there’ll still be plenty of posts about the rebuild’s progress – stay tuned!