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LS400 Fuel Economy

09/10/2011 - 17/04/2012 (192 days)

Average MPG: 23.91
Highest MPG: 25.26
Lowest MPG: 23.04

Distance travelled: 4025 miles
Fuel burnt: 823 litres
Fuel cost: £1097.58


SORN: Suzuki Cappuccino (Part 2)

It seemed simple enough – pull off the rusty outer sills, make good underneath, replace with a brand new set and enjoy another Cappuccino summer – and I guess that part was. Unfortunately it never got that far: the welder’s rust-finding screwdriver saw to that.

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SORN: Suzuki Cappuccino

With the MOT due shortly & autumn almost upon us I’ve decided to take the Cappuccino off the road for a while to do some overdue work on the sills. As the Capp has always been my daily driver I needed a replacement for the commute and my new 1995 Lexus LS400 (see the previous post) is stepping into the breach. If you’re interested in why I chose an LS400…

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