When I swapped from my JB43W to my JB23W I swapped the front APIO tow hook over too. Unfortunately I bent it good and proper during a bar-towed recovery (either when one of my coil packs failed, or the fuel pump died – I forget which!) and so I figured a replacement – or two – was in order.

Some APIO parts are now available via Amazon Japan and, so long as they will ship to your country, the process is as painless as a regular Amazon purchase. Sign in with your usual Amazon log-in details, flick the handy switch to turn the site to English (no need for in-browser translation) and start browsing. Import taxes are calculated and applied at checkout and delivery was both reasonable – despite the weight! – and speedy.

As with all APIO parts the fit and finish, extra hardware, and instructions – such as I can decipher – are all top notch. I really like the yellow finish too; they give the car a subtle no-nonsense look without being over the top. Of course, having two recovery points rather than one also means I should never have to worry about relying on the rather bendy factory points too!