The need for a new set of tyres on the JDMny created the perfect opportunity to tidy up the rather salt-battered wheels at the same time. Despite researching all the options – new alloy wheels, new steel wheels, used steel wheels – I was just too attached to the originals to be swayed by anything else.

Although the wheels had originally sported a diamond-cut face there was always the chance that a new cut might not remove all of the current corrosion, depending on the severity. A diamond cut isn’t always the most durable of finishes here in the UK either (my own wheels were testament to that!) and so the idea of paying extra for a more fragile wheel seemed a bit daft, especially on a 4×4. Instead Top Marques, based near Stoke-on-Trent, did a fantastic job powdercoating the entire wheel in a metallic silver which closely matched the original non-cut portions of the wheels… and popped my new set of Geolandar A/T-S tyres on at the same time!

Before (click for larger version):

Suzuki Jimny alloy wheels pre-refurbishment


Suzuki Jimny alloy wheels post-refurbishment

Unfortunately the newly spruced-up wheels highlighted just how pitted and marked the vacuum hub caps were, but this provided the perfect excuse to use something I’d been dying to try for quite a while – bring on the Plasti-Dip!

Suzuki Jimny vacuum hub (post-PlastiDip)

Three coats later and the caps looked as good as new and with the added benefit that, should the Plasti-Dip not hold up as well as the internets would suggest, it’ll at least peel off quickly and leave no trace… something that can’t be said of flaking paint.