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Importing a Kei Truck: The Journey

After successfully securing my “goldilocks” Suzuki Carry it was prepared for export and loaded on to a specialist vehicle carrier bound for the UK… with quite a few other stops along the way of course!
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JB23 + CJW’s WJ + Snow

JB23 + Snow

Importing a Kei Truck: Picking a Vehicle

Having decided to purchase a keitora the next obvious consideration was which one. On the face of it there’s a whole host of options of differing ages, marques and configurations to choose from but ultimately I have neither the budget nor the space for a whole fleet… how depressing.
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Importing a Kei Truck: Backstory

A new vehicle is arriving soon and it’s acquisition is a little different to those that have come before. That’s true of the decision-making process behind the purchase too, meaning there’s even more backstory than usual! Here goes…
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